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Existing Bar Joist Capacities and Problems.....

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I have a copy of SJI's 60-year manual and know the general procedure for identifying the existing bar joist designation.  However, it is becoming quite common to identify a bar joist but not be able to determine whether the joist is an H-Series or a J-Series.  

1. When no tags can be found to identify the joist, is there another procedure besides testing a sample to see if it is 50 ksi or 36 ksi material? 

2. For renovation projects, many times a corridor or office use is required on bar joists that will only support a live load of 40 to 50 psf.  What are the proper procedures for strengthening a bar joist to support the IBC 2000 required loads of 50+20 psf for office space and 80 psf for corridor space?  Is it acceptable to cut the span in half and build a new joist seat or would the possible reversal of forces cause problems for the "new" joist span?


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