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Re: Calculation Software

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Jordan -

Yes, it can be done.  I confirmed that there is an Excel link
object that can be used in Mathcad to connect Mathcad & Excel
bi-directionally.  Mathcad can get its variable values from Excel
by reference, execute a computation, and Excel can recover values
from Mathcad and continue its calculation/display them/what have

I haven't personally fiddled with this feature beyond confirming
that it works (Mathcad 2000 + Excel XP on win2k, all fully patched):
I don't have lots of Excel spreadsheets.  Being a hardcore
Matlab programming geek, I tend to do things in Matlab
instead of in anything else.  Now if I could tie my *Matlab*
code to Mathcad, I'd be in business....

If anyone is interested, Mathsoft has a live web-based seminar
today at 10 am (13 July) talking specifically about managing
engineering calculations.  It is being replayed later for those
(like me!) who can't catch the live discussion.


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