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"North to Alaska?"

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Ha!  I knew this device must exist.  I have been looking for one for years,
and I got to the point of seriously looking at inventing and marketing one.
But as with most of my great inventions, someone with better marketing
skills and more ready capital beat me to it.  At least now I will wake up
with a smile all winter!

Thanks for the tip.

Dmitri Wright, PE
Progressive Consultants Inc.

  This is a bit OT, but if you go to AK, pick up a SunRizr lamp controller
  for your bedroom.  (google for "sunrizr")  It's smaller than a
  and you plug it into an unswitched outlet, then plug your bedside lamp
  it.  You can set a "wake-up" time and it will start turning the light on
  about 45 minutes beforehand, simulating the light of sunrise.   I got one
  when I was getting up well before sunrise for a job I had in SoCal several
  years ago, and now I don't know how I lived without it. It sounds silly,
  but a million years of evolution is still a pretty powerful part of our
  psyche.  I asked the sales rep I got mine from whether I could return it
  I didn't like it, and he said he'd even refund the postage - they'd never
  had one returned.  They're not cheap - $125-$130 on the 'net - but if you
  hate getting up before dawn (and you will for several months a year)
  they're worth it.

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