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RE: "North to Alaska?"

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I don't know Alaska, but if it s anywhere near as pretty as the Yukon or NWT, you should go for that alone.  Unfortunately your timing looks like a winter trip so be prepared for very short days and long nights.
I would say that if you have never been to Alaska or at least spent any time there, you should go - but then I like new experiences and long evenings don't bore me.  You and your wife are the partnership, though, so it would have to be a joint adventure.  If she is going to miss the grandkids a lot, maybe she could think of all the neat pictures, stories and souvenirs she can bring back for them - oops, maybe there goes your profit.
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Subject: "North to Alaska?"

Well, I have been offered a contract position, 6 mos. To 1 year in Anchorage.


I have to say that at the dollars they’re talking (salary plus per diem) it’s awfully tempting. I would just grab a bag, my wife and daughter and go within a week or so, and leave “others” to mind things here till I get back.


PROS: Money, and a pretty good bit of it. The COL there is high, but the money they’re talking could more than cover that. I could hopefully refill my woefully-depleted bank account and allow me to come back and get back to business without the wolf at the door as is the case currently.


CONS: Well, we’d live the grandkids behind, and my wife will be quite despondent about that the whole time we’re gone. Also, if I’m THERE, I obviously won’t be doing anything HERE to drum up my own business.


The CONS are obviously outweighed by extreme poverty right now, but I’m still not 100% decided.


Anyone else live/work up there? Anyone been there? Comments?