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Re: Calculation Software

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Without meaning to push Excel too hard, you can clear up a lot of the
confusion by using named variables in Excel rather than row and column
references. =P*D/(2*S*E-1.2*P) really does make a lot more sense than
=B3*B11/(2*B9*B10-1.2*B3), and you can strip the equals sign and display
the formula in an adjacent cell if you need to.
This is great Christopher,
But is there a way to show the name variables in Excel for ONLY ONE CELL and not the entire sheet? By the way, I have used Excel, MathCad and Tedds throug out the years (in this order), now I am back to Excel and love it all over again. Also I am modeling all my buildings in Risa Floor and Risa3D even for very small project (even a garage addition) and pickup the missing design in Excel. On top of it all I on Mac platform!
Joseph Harouni

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