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I am working on a agri-industrial facility in Canada. This big industrial facilty is about 200'X80' and about 100ft high.

Where this facilty ends on one side, a ware house has to be provided. size of the ware house is 80'X75' and 24 feet high.

A 2 hour fire wall has to be provided between this ware house and industrial facilty due to fire catching properties of material to be stored. The firewall is designed as 8inches wide and 80ft long. I want to know high the fire wall should be , between ware house and Ag-Industrial facility where the ware house is 24ft high and industrial facility is 100 ft high.

NBCC (page 38) says that " any wall, partition or floor assembly required to be a fire separation shall be constructed as a continuous element"

IBC 2003, 705.6 " Vertical Continuity. Fire wall shall extend from the foundation to a termination point at least 30in above both adjacent roofs"

Awaiting your comments!

Hassan Lasahri

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