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Re: Calculation Software

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>But is there a way to show the name variables in Excel for ONLY ONE 
>CELL and not the entire sheet?
I don't know of a way to display the formula in a single cell as a text 
string. I've often thought it would be nice, but the only way for sure is 
to copy the formula without the equals sign and paste it where you want 
to see it.

>On top of it all I on Mac platform!
Another enlightened soul...

>I "discovered" the concatination and round functions in Excel, where you get 
>the contents of several cells to show up in one cell.
Excel is loaded with cool stuff like this; the problem is that it takes 
forever to learn it all. You can format cells with your desired units if 
you like, so you can operate on the number and still have the results 
show up formatted with text characters.

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