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Re: Tank wall coefficients

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On July 7th Himat Solat wrote:


>I have coefficient tables for a wall having a hydrostatic load with three end hinge and one end >free(top) and three end simply supported and one end fixed(bottom) and simply supported top and
>bottom and fixed on two sides.
>If you know the German, you may find the information in " Berechnungstafeln fur Platten and
>Wandscheiben" By: R. Bares, Bauverlag, Wisebaden, 1969

I have a copy of the same book (625 pages, published in 1971) with parallel English translation of all the tables and text. Very handy!

It is the most complete reference I ever came across for the elastic analysis of plates,slabs,and diaphragms.

Frank Hartzell

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