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RE: aggregate size / nw slab on deck

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You want to use as large of a nominal maximum aggregate as possible to reduce shrinkage. You also want to get good consolidation into the little dimples of the composite deck. I would tend to use a 1/2" maximum nominal aggregate with 18% max and 8% retained aggregate on all of the rest of the C33 sieves. I have recently become a fan of the self leveling / self consolidating concretes for particular applications. You can save over half the labor costs for a nominal increase in material costs, and get a better result. All self leveling self consolidating concretes are not the same though. You need to develop a good performance spec complete with some petrographics to look at proper aggregate dispersion. Lafarge concrete appears to have a pretty good handle on developing these mixes.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: aggregate size / nw  slab on deck
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 12:45:25 EDT

i have a condition with a 4" normal weight concrete slab on 2" composite
metal deck. beams are design with composite shear studs. there is minimal slab reinforcing and rebar conjestion. would a 1" max aggregate size be appropiate
or should i use 3/8" pea gravel mix.

thanks in advance

paul franceschi

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