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RE: CMU Retrofit and Rehabilitation - Help

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Yes, it’s called FEMA 356.  In fact, I would imagine you would be required to use that code for your situation.  That document will answer practically all of your questions.


Eli Grassley

PSM Engineers

Seattle, WA


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Subject: CMU Retrofit and Rehabilitation - Help


I have a project that is about 30 years, CMU, two story office building here in California.   The upper story walls are partially grouted while the lower walls are fully grouted. The bulding has been abandoned for couple of years and now the Client want to use the building again (same office building). The Client wants the building to be checked for current seismic code. I have questions that I hope someone on the list can answer.


1.    Is there a code or guideline for retrofitting CMU building similar to concrete tilt-up   buildings?


2.    If there is, is the owner required to comply such retrofitting code?


3.    If I want to fully grout the existing partially grouted masonry,  what is the easiest way to do it?


4.    Is checking the diaphragm required?  There is no alteration or addition of the existing structure and there is no change in use.


5.    What other areas I need to consider in retrofitting the building?


6.    Are there available books and references in retrofitting masonry buildings?


7.    The bad thing of all this is there's no plans or drawings of the existing building. Is it recommended to do some destructive testing to find out the size of reinforcement?


I have done concrete tilt-up and solid masonry retrofit but not yet on partially grouted building. 


Thanks for your help in advance.


A. S. Quilala Jr., P.E.