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It seems a little over conservative to design the walls of a tank as
cantilevers. Also, that would give you only vertical reinforcing and no
idea of horizontal reinforcing. It would seem to me that at a minimum you
should do as you suggest, and design it as a simply supported beam between
the perpendicular walls. This would at least give you an idea of what the
reinforcing should be in the horizontal direction.

You could design the walls of the tank as a two way slab that are supported
on either 3 or 4 sides (depending on the design of the lid of the tank). If
you really wanted to eliminate some more conservatism, you could assume
that the slab was fixed against rotation along its vertical edges as this
probably the case in reality given that the there is the same soil loading
on each face.

Michael Ludvik, PE
Hardesty + Hanover

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Fellow engineers,

I have a pretty simple question, however due to past teachings I am trying
to see if others have better less conservative ideas.  I have a underground
tank about 5'-0" deep with 18" of cover and 3'-0" wide.  Nothing big but
how would you look at the walls?  In a past precast shop I worked at the
responsible engineer wanted the walls designed like a cantilevered
retaining wall.  Can you look at these as a simple span between two
adjacent walls?  what about a three way span?  Any help would be


Chad Van Kampen

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