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Re: Light Gage Truss / Top Track Detail

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Personally, I don't trust the wall framers to know where the truss mfr is planning on placing the roof trusses. With hips & turns & other shenanigans in the roof, the truss layout I provide my client rarely matches the shop drawings inch for inch. I usually add a heavy top track for 24" o/c roof trusses, and a HSS top plate for 48" o/c roofing. I've seen the L detail, but worry about applying finishes over the L due to its thickness. The HSS detail has caused some annoyances when it comes to passing MEP through to the attic space, but there is usually a workaround (often routing the offending wire or vent through an interior partition. It sure beats getting a call when a 48"o/c, 60' span truss with fireproof cementitious sheathing gets set right in the middle of a stud bay.


At 08:22 PM 7/19/2004 -0500, you wrote:
We currently have an ongoing in-house discussion regarding the following
issue and would like to see opinions from others on typical construction

Light gage roof trusses spaced at 24" on center.

Load bearing perimeter light gage stud walls, studs typically at 16" on

1) Do you beef up the top track of the load bearing stud wall to span the
load from the trusses over to the studs where they do not align?

2) Do you add in a stud under each truss that does not align with the normal
16" wall stud spacing?

or 3) Do you attempt to have the wall studs spaced at 24" on center (where
the contractor must coordinate alignment with the roof trusses).

We appreciate any responses on this issue.

Thank you,

Jordan Truesdell, PE

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