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Re: Calculation Software and problem with VBA module

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Chris and Bill:

Thanks for the tips. One reason why I haven't jumped to the more advanced
features like arrays is I'm not always sure how the advanced features can
help in MY calculations.

Next problem:
I downloaded the following VBA module, but get an error message when I try
to view the Display Sheet worksheet. The VB editor pops up with a window
that says:

Compile Error:
Sub or Function not defined

I'm using an older version of Excel97--could that be the problem?

Jeremy South, EI, LSI
Jenkins Engineering
Tupelo, MS

******Original Message*****
I had written this VBA module some time ago to display the Excel formulas in
a human-readable form, similar to MathCad. If you can use it or modify it,
feel free to do so.

(Since I was not able to post this file to this list,) Feel free to download
a test Excel file containing the VBA module from:

Note: It requires two sheets. Prepare the first sheet as usual - with cells
containing formulas where needed. The 2nd sheet is a replica of the 1st
sheet, except that the cell addresses in the Excel formulas will be replaced
with the corresponding cell values, presenting the formulas in a
human-readable form. Units will be automatically appended.
******Original Message*****

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