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Assessing fire damage to steel

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Does anyone have recommendations for determining the in-place acceptability of steel which has been subject to a fire in a metal building? I am visiting a site (large service garage) which sustained a vehicle flambe' over the weekend. I don't know the extent of the fire or the duration. I expect to (eventually) remove coupons from the primary members for testing, just as I would for any material of questionable heritage, for strength and ductility. However, the issue of bolt strength (especially @ foundation) and near-foundation interface steel is a bit more troublesome, as getting samples which will not affect the structure (or can be removed & replaced) may prove impractical. I'm considering looking for a lab which can do on-site eddy-current NDE, but I've not used this method and don't know quite how interpretable the results are. I'm fairly certain that there will be areas of the building which were unaffected but built identically, so I will likely have a "control" sample for any destructive or NDE tests.

Any advice or references would be appreciated.

Jordan Truesdell, PE

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