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RE: Calculation Software

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>I have seen it referenced, but as an old f--t,
>I don't have a clue.
Old farts have their uses...

Looping macros are easy, like this one. This does the parsing operation 
for a specified number (Nelem) of rows

=SET.NAME("Nelem",INPUT("Format how many nodes?",1,"Grid force format"))
=PARSE("[      ][     183][  SHELL4    ][0.650297E-01][ -.187117E-01][ 
-.980578E+01][ 0.149528E-01][ -.784487E+00][ 0.128183E-02]")

Doing it with a macro is the most straightforward way, but sometimes you 
can have Excel iterate on a circular reference--a pair of cells with the 
result of each depending on the result of the other. Excel issues an 
alert message and iterates automatically usually about 100 times. I've 
done this a couple of times so I didn't have to write a macro, but it 
only works when you've set up the circular reference so it converges. 

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