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Re: Calculation Software

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>Personally, I'm too lazy to name cells and ranges as I go.
I was too, long ago.

Enter the variable names in cells to the left of the formulas they 
produce. Select the range containing both the formulas and the variable 
designations and select 'Create Names' in the Formula menu. Then pick 
'Define Names' to review the names which were created just to be sure you 
have everything. Edit the names if you feel like it. For example if one 
of the names comes out 'Operating Pressure-Po' you could change it to 
'Po.' When you're satisfied that the names look like you want, select the 
all the cells with formulas and pick 'Create Names' from the Formula 
menu. Excel changes all your cell references automagically to the cell 

Once you see how easy it is to troubleshoot a worksheet with names 
instead of cell references, you never go back.

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