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Public Works Concrete Retrofit, Interior retrofit and remodel and new light-frame construction Project in Palm Springs area

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We have completed the work on a renovation of the 1920’s poured in place reinforced concrete Fire Station in the City of Coachella. This is approximately 40-miles East of Palm Springs on the way to the Salton Sea. The project is for the City of Coachella and the Desert Communities Empowerment Zone. The project is to convert this building to a new Riverside County Credit Union. We are looking for General Contractors interested in the following basic scope of work.


  1. Demolition has already been done – the bid work is for new work only.
  2. The installation of a new 6-inch thick concrete slab within the existing concrete building (dowelled to the existing perimeter foundation) and the installation of a new 6-inch concrete slab on grade for a new (approximately) 800 square foot addition that is tied to the existing concrete building.
  3. Seismic retrofit of the concrete building that includes the installation of a new moment frame in the South Elevation, shear and tension ties for the existing floor framing to the concrete walls.
  4. Installation of structural grade beam and erection pad for the new moment frame – installation and ties of the new structural hot-rolled steel to the existing concrete lintel and parapet above.
  5. Seismic retrofit of a second story wood structure added in the 40’s or 50’s that is to remain
  6. Sheathing of the second floor walls and repairs to any damaged carpenter trusses
  7. New Class A fire Retardant roof on the existing building
  8. Construction of an 800 square foot light frame addition with 14” TJL open web joists and new class A fire retardant composition roof – plywood, metal lath and stucco finish on the new addition.
  9. Interior remodel for the new bank according to architectural plans.
  10. construction of a new masonry kiosk outside the new bank structure.
  11. Site work (part of the architectural package) including all electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems, T-bar ceiling and new beams to add support to the second floor joists that were originally roof rafters before the new addition was added above.


This should give you some idea of the scope of work. The interior work includes the creation of new 2x chase walls for secondary support of the floor joists above and new stairs leading to the second floor. The work also requires the renovation, cleaning and patching of spalled and weak concrete walls, renovation of the original fire doors to make the building look like the original fire station at night once the credit union closes down.


If you know of anyone who would like to bid this project, please have them contact:


Sergio Carranza

Project Manager
Alliance for Community Empowerment
53-990 Enterprise Way, Suite 1
Coachella, CA 92236
Phone (760) 391-5050   
Fax (760) 391-5100


Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant



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