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RE: non-engineers

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When we engineers take over, there will be “re-education camps” for non-engineers. There, they will learn the rudiments of mechanics of materials and statics. They will have to run at least one Hardy Cross frame analysis.


And of course they will have to experience at least one conference call between a contractor and owner where they will be grilled six ways from Sunday as to why they chose to use Simpson connectors “‘stead o’ just lettin’ the framers nail it all in.”


Then, and only then, will they be allowed back out into the wild and their miserable, uninformed lives.


From: Andrew Kester [mailto:akester(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2004 8:12 AM
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Subject: non-engineers


Anyway, I must have looked silly mouthing at the TV, "Oh yeah, you did the calcs. You have done lots of design and have a license in engineering too. All that talk but will you sign your name on the drawings and take full responsibility? You wanna pay for your son's new house when things start settling and cracking and...."  Then I looked around and realized nobody was watching, listening , or caring, and if they saw me they would think there is something wrong with me.


Sorry for my random rant.