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Re: non-engineers

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> When we engineers take over, there will be “re-education camps” for
> non-engineers. There, they will learn the rudiments of mechanics of materials
> and statics. They will have to run at least one Hardy Cross frame analysis.

It's already happening in places where engineers have ascendancy.  At MIT,
everyone was required to study two semesters each of calculus & physics,
even if they were a non-technical major.  Of course MIT has a
_Department_ of Humanities (Course 21), just like they/we have a Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (Course 1, by the way). The kinds of
discussions you could have with a fine arts student were *very* different
from what you would ordinarily expect.  "You see, my latest work was inspired
by the principle of the Riemann sum...."

> And of course they will have to experience at least one conference call
> between a contractor and owner where they will be grilled six ways from
> Sunday as to why they chose to use Simpson connectors “‘stead o’ just lettin’
> the framers nail it all in.”

I think Jordan's right about the restrictions of the Geneva Convention.
Why isn't Amnesty International calling for fair treatment of
the oppressed Engineers?

Tongue firmly in cheek,


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