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Slab on grade minimum steel per PCA

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I just received my copy of PCA's "Designing Floor Slabs on Grade" thinking it would resolve some floor slab design questions.  But it brought up even more questions about minimum steel requirements.
They present three different methods for determining minimum steel:
'subgrade drag' (which has been discussed here before) which nets around .4% - .5% minimum steel, 'temperature method' and 'equivalent strength method'.  When running numbers for the second two methods, I come up with anywhere from 4%-6% steel based on area (assuming a moderate temperature differential during exposure).  These numbers seem to be excessively high, especially when compared to the first method and even a 1% minimum by rule of thumb.
The PCA notes for a Type B slab with shrinkage control reinforcement say these slabs usually take steel designed by the subgrade drag equation.  Yet the notes under the 'temperature method' section say it is "more desirable" than the subgrade drag method.
These comments don't exactly conflict with themselves, but they sure don't point the reader in a clear direction.
Any better thoughts on these last two methods?  Are the units in the book off?  I am inclined to stick with the 1% minimum and be happy.  From what I've seen, even 15" airport slabs should only require a moderate weight mesh...
Jim Wilson
Stroudsburg, PA 

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