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RE: non-engineers

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I often point to the radio advertising of one of our foundation repair firms
here in Houston, that goes something like: "If you live in Texas, sooner or
later you're going to need foundation repair."

I opine at that point that this is like saying "If you have a car, sooner or
later you're GOING to be broken down on the side of the road with steam
pouring out of the hood, trying to thumb a ride."

I mean, sure it's possible, but ideally if you take care of things that's
NEVER going to happen to you.

It's amazing what people are willing to stand for, though. "Conventional
wisdom" is often "conventional," but that's the end of it.

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When an owner or contractor tells me that my basement wall is "over
engineered", the first thing I do is to agree with the contractor when he
says that everybody's been doing it his way for xx years.

Then I tell the owner to look up "Foundation Repair" in the yellow pages.
There are 16 pages of ads in the Kansas City area.  After mentioning that
the "standard" basement "design" is what keeps all these companies in
business, I suggest calling a few of the companies and get a price for an
average repair.

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