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Re: Q: Residential Floor Framing [DUMB]

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I typically try to maintain the depth constant as much as possible.  Most of the other variables can be modified in a fashion that is "invisible" to the architect and the end user, but depth changes can create unwanted dimensional, alignment, and stud length problems.  In the case of an intermediate landing, though, it doesn't really align with anything else anyway, so I don't have much anxiety using a different depth there.  Sometimes shallower members are needed for headroom at intermediate landings, anyway.  Another condition can occur where the architect decides that a depressed area would look good.  If the step is small enough, this can be accommodated by changing the member depth while keeping the bottom of the joist flush with the typical condition.  That is a case where changing the depth may actually promote easier alignment.  In one extreme case, I looked at framing a very small room with 2x4 joists to allow a 6" step down from a 9 1/2" TJI area while keeping the ceiling below flat.  Special detailing was needed at the bearing wall, although the basic rim board and stud lengths were maintained.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

>>> "Bill Polhemus" <bill(--nospam--at)> 07/23/04 10:11AM >>>
Okay, it's been a few months since I've submitted a characteristically
"dumb" question, so let me make up a little for lost time.

1)     In the opinion of the group, what is the priority among depth, no. of
plies, spacing and grade when you are specifying sawn lumber floor joists?

2)     How do you allow for different depths, if they vary? Is it better to
notch ends, build up ends or just stick to all the same depth of joist
because the relative cost is minor compared to the labor involved in
notching, providing seats, etc?

3)     What weight to you use for supported partition walls? Can you support
them without blocking at the location of the wall?


That's all I can think of, dumb question speaking, for right now, but I'm
sure I'll think up some others (dumb is as dumb does, after all).


Oh, one other thing: Does anyone have any plans-I don't care if they are
CAD, PDF, anything-that they wouldn't mind letting me have/look at? None of
the "go-by" plans I have from the builder are worth a cr*p, because
engineers here don't typically-NOTE I DO SAY "TYPICALLY"-do a very good job
of producing structural framing plans for residential. I want to see what
some of you guys are doing because I have respect for your diligence.


If you wouldn't mind sharing I promise not to "plagiarize," and I'd also
like to send my own drawings to you for "peer review" in return.



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