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Re: Q: Residential Floor Framing [DUMB]

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Interestingly enough, the registered architects I work with do a lousy job of lining things up, but the designers (either CAD draftsman or non-registered architects) seem to be very cognizant of the load paths.  And yes, the complexity of residences has gotten a bit haywire, in my humble opinion. They see these big spaces and fancy stuff in hotels/resorts/tv shows of $nM homes and want the same.

As others mentioned, keep floor depths the same and go to LVLs or PSLs for heavier loads.  I usually count 10psf of wall for individual walls, though for "overall" layouts commercial/multi-family space I've found 20psf of floor space is fairly close while still being conservative. 10 psf if high, I'll admit, but someone might want to hang their brand new 100+lb plasma tv or a set of bookshelves from a non-bearing wall.

Having seen walls sag into the space between joists (non bearing walls which ended up bearing "accidental" load) I usually specify a double joist under all non-bearing walls.  I'm sure you could block, but that would seem to involve more labor on all but the smallest spans.

From what I've seen, down to 12"o/c is acceptable for framing, but not for doubled joists (16" min. there).  I prefer to specify single LVL or PSL rather than n-ply solid sawn.  My usual builder clients like LVLs 'cause they can go 2- or 3-ply without a crane, but my log home clients prefer PSLs (hidden) or GluLam (exposed) because they always have lifting equipment on site and bolting together a 3-ply is a waste of time to them.

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