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RE: WOOD: Really THINKING About The Framing...

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Subject: Re: WOOD: Really THINKING About The Framing...

I recommend that you have interior shear walls from roof to foundation at
spacing not exceeding 25 ft.,  in both directions.
I presume you are using flexible diaphragm analysis using tributary areas
to calculate loads and that you are using 1630A.5 for vertical
distribution of forces- which gives you a larger load at the upper

Hopefully second floor to roof shear walls line up or are not more than 4
ft. from first floor shear walls below.

I assume you are using at least 15/32" CDX all around exterior and for
all interior shear walls..
Is this a raised floor or slab house?

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"Flexible analysis" of course because this is a Seismic "Zone 0" design.
However, as I mentioned, we got a lotta wind.

Your comment about "interior shear walls" is noted. Is this a "code thing"?
Sorry to be so ignorant about this.

In this neck of the woods, no one uses structural wood panels for sheathing,
it's all let-in bracing and non-structural "n*****-board" sheathing.

Also, note that this is IRC, not IBC. Essentially it's a prescriptive
design, but it's my job to figure out what doesn't fit. Of course, the
primary problem in all this is, no building official. No one will tell the
builder what to do. I can "recommend" all I want but he's liable to just do
what he wants anyway if he doesn't like what I recommend.

This is a slab house as is the case with at least 95% of residential
construction in the Houston area. The slab is post-tensioned.

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