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RE: Marine Platform Design

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Is this a drilling rig or something similar? The answer you get will depend
very much on that.

I did some designs a few years ago for helicopter landing pads and manifold
operating platforms--very small potatoes compared to the "big rigs" but
using similar stuff. I've also done marine piers, etc.

I have found the CEDAS program (part of the ACES package originally put out
by NAVFAC, I believe) to be fairly easy to use to compute wave forces. Like
most of the "old" Mil software coded back in the 60s and 70s, it has been
updated and brought forward to the modern computing environment. In the
process, it has also been made "proprietary." You essentially are paying
someone to put in the user-friendly interface between you and the old,
arcane FORTRAN code.

I purchased the CEDAS module from Veri-Tech, Inc.
( You might want to check it out. You'll
find that computing the wave forces will be the most daunting task of this
whole thing, and software like CEDAS will help tremendously.

If anyone else has any other recommendations, please make them on the list;
I'd love to hear about it.

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I've been asked to design steel framing for a marine platform.  The
framing is basically steel frame space truss (angles) on top of floats. 
It is 48 ft. x 42 ft. in plan.  I would like to find out design
guidelines for loading on the framing.  I was wondering about wave

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