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Re: Classifications of Engineers

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I'm saving your email for my clients who complain about my rates ;-)

I'm officially a one-man shop, but I have contract "staff" I use (one PE, soon an EIT, an intern, a construction guy, and several drafters - combined they're less than a single full time employee). I've settled on just two classifications for engineer (Sr, Jr) and Drafters (Sr, Jr), an Engineering Assistant (for demo work) plus a catch-all Admin class. The rates go something like 90/70/55/45/35/25.

At 08:44 AM 7/26/2004 -0700, you wrote:
We are setting up our office system of accounting with the idea (maybe not a
good one) of expanding from a (2) person office.  Right now we have just (2)
classifications we bill our clients 1) project engineer ($125/hr) 2)
principal engineer ($150/hr). What other classifications  are you using? and
at what billing rates?  junior engineer ? EIT ? senior engineer?
Appreciate any thoughts.

James A. Sadler, SE
Jasco Pacific, Inc.
550-D Industrial Way
Fallbrook, CA 92028
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Jordan Truesdell, PE

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