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FAX software - sorta off topic

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I want to have the ability to send and receive faxes at home on my single phone line.  My computer (always on) has a phone line to fax modem that I have not used since I installed Cable internet access.  It also has the basic fax program that comes with Windows XP.  I can easily send faxes (print to fax from Word, or scan in a piece of paper and print to fax).


The trick is I want to be able to RECEIVE faxes automatically while still having access to an answering machine.  Specifically, I had an architect client once who had a home office with one line.  When you called, it rang a few times before the fax picked up and checked for a fax.  If no fax, it transferred to an answering machine.


Will the default Windows program do this?  If not, does anyone know of any software available for purchase (free?) that can handle this?  Maybe have the answering machine function as part of the software? 


My next option is purchasing an all-in-one fax/print/scan/copy device (my current printer and scanner are very old and slow).  Does anyone know of one of these devices with an answering machine built in?


Thanks for your help.



Jason Kilgore

Leigh & O'Kane, LLC

Kansas City, Missouri