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RE: FAX software - sorta off topic

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Let me offer an unsolicited warning on eFax service.  I had a free efax account for three or four years, and it worked just fine. I receive very few faxes, so there was never a problem. I put up with the ads in return for the free faxes. After many uneventful months, I received a message that I had violated their terms of service, which turned out to be about 25 pages received in one month.  Well, I looked back and I had received about a dozen fax-spams that month, along with an (accidental) six page blank fax.  I was not careful to remove my number from every fax-spammer list because I could just delete them. No big deal, I figured I'd let them know the goof and everything would be fine.

Nope. I had 30 days to buy their efax premium service or they would drop my service entirely. I emailed them twice to plead my case, but it fell on deaf ears. Not wanting to get burned again, I read the TOS for the pay-for-use service. It turns out that - even if you pay - and you use your fax more than most of their user base (well under 200 pages per month) - they can STILL drop you. I guess if you use it enough that you're unprofitable, they'll kick you off.  That's a real pain if you give out your fax number to a bunch of folks.

Anyway, I told eFax where they could put their $12.95 a month and changed providers to MaxEmail ($69/year).  Now I get PDFs as faxes as a bonus (eFax uses a proprietary viewer).

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