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Re: RE. Elasticity and Plasticity

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Carlos -

This was a post to which I can offer good response.

> I just have some problems trying to make it completly clear some definitions
> and concepts about Flow Rules, Yield surfaces and Hardening, especially some
> mathematical definitions such as Associative or non Associative flow rules.

Regarding flow rules, yield surfaces and hardening, especially for
concrete, Inelastic Analysis of Structures by Milan Jirasek and
Zdenek Bazant is an excellent reference in that it is complete and
detailed in its references to literature.  It was pricey, but I have
found it well worth the price.  It has very thorough mathematical
descriptions of each rule that it covers, and typically citation of
several references related to each rule.

I would never have generated this recommendation without the information
you provided, which is quoted above. Timoshenko is not terribly useful regarding modern plasticity concepts, but is a valuable reference for
the background necessary to tackle the topics in Jirasek and Bazant.

Best of luck,


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