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Re: Why Buildings Fall Down (and stand up)

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This book should be required reading in all
engineering schools. It seems that some engineers are
getting so far removed from engineering basics (by
totally obsessing over their computer models, cubic
equations, fourier analyses, etc.) that they are
losing sight of the forest through the trees. 

This book is well written, easy to understand and
provides a much needed reality check.

Cliff Schwinger

--- Andrew Kester <akester(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Syed,
> I bought "Why Buildings Fall Down" for around $10 on
> Amazon I believe. I have no idea if they will ship
> to Saudia Arabia, but with internet access you can
> find out. At least that will give you all the info
> on the book. I highly reccomend it for SEs for light
> reading and a good history lesson, but I would
> really reccomend it to young engineering students or
> high school students considering the profession
> (professors on the list may want to take note). It
> is written for a lay person but the more you know
> the more you will enjoy it. It may also be good for
> a spouse or family member that no matter how much
> you try you cannot get the gist of what we do across
> to them. I need to by the prequel, Why Buildings
> Stand Up. Finally I will learn how all that works :)
> Regards,
> Andrew Kester, PE
> Longwood, FL

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