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RE: FAX software - sorta off topic

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First, thanks for the amazing number and quality of answers on an off-topic

I looked in the internet fax services and found 2 problems - no local number
in the Kansas City area (816 or 913) for the cheaper services, and expense
(toll-free numbers were generally more expensive).

My current plan of action is to purchase a new all-in-one machine.  If it
doesn't have auto fax recognition technology (HP's DO have this feature),
SBC will add a distinctive ring "second line" for $4.00 per month
($48/year).  It's not an additional hardware line, so I can only use one
number at a time, but I usually just use my mobile phone for voice calls
anyway (free long distance).

Again, thanks for your help.  Now I need to decide which features I want in
an AIO machine and how much I want to pay :)

Back to your regularly scheduled structural questions and political rants
(go to - equal opportunity insults at its best).

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

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