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RE: Mathcad Upgrade

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Bill –


I recall those editions as well, but I can’t find them on their website. Here’s the link to their offer:


FWIW, I can’t see any differences between flavors of the single user version. Maybe you need to talk to a human.


I, too had to go “Professional” in their older editions to get a solver for simultaneous equations. I have since realized I can do the same thing using matrix techniques. It’s a good thing because their “solver” add-in is pricey now.


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What is not clear to me is, what version(s) of Mathcad is/are included? They have about three or four “flavors,” yet they don’t mention it here. Been I long time since I checked but seems to me their “standard” version was missing some things that I wanted to have, so I had to get “Professional” (and I think they have some “Platinum” or whatever edition as well).


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For those of you who are not on their mailing list, Mathsoft has an incredible offer to upgrade to Mathcad 11. The upgrade price is $116.99 which includes shipping.