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Re: RE. Elasticity and Plasticity

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A useful reference is: Manual of Numerical Methods in Concrete, by M.Y.H. Bangash, ISBN 0 7277 2946 2, Thomas Telford Publishing.
You will find numerical modeling of: Concrete strength; creep, shrinkage; bond slip; fatigue. Also FE modelling, simulation and formulation.
Could You provide your web address?
Hope this helps.
Adolfo Galvez, MSc.
Lima - PERU
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Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2004 6:50 PM
Subject: RE. Elasticity and Plasticity

I started developing my own and probably one of the firsts public FEM WEB SERVICES for Reinforced Concrete Structures 2 years ago.
I have to tell that there was no evidence at all about previous studies about FEM in my lab, consecuently I been working alone, no advisor at all. 
 As you can guess I have done many many searches on Internet, Libraries and so on. Only after that I can actually be trying to implement the algorithm which solves the nonlinear response of a RC structure.
I just have some problems trying to make it completly clear some definitions and concepts about Flow Rules, Yield surfaces and Hardening, especially some mathematical definitions such as Associative or non Associative flow rules.
In my opinion, If some one have the chance to ask hundreds of civil engineers with a lot experience, it is a great oportunity to find out what was good for them to understand certain basic concepts instead of taking a look at the index of hundreds of books or references about the topic.
This is te power of Internet and in general of communication. And that is why most of you are in this forum.
Sorry guys, but I did not want to hurt your technical expertise on finding information. Nowadays it is too simple to find 30000 documents dealing with the same topic in google. Just to eliminate some of them I am asking you some RECOMMENDATIONS.

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