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Re: Re-use revisited

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I'm not sure the architect understands how insurance works.  It would be like suggesting that you shouldn't care where you park your car or whether you lock it, because if it gets stolen insurance will pay for it.  That may be, but you will end up paying more and more for insurance, and if you rack up too many claims you will get cancelled and may not be able to get insurance at all.  That is to say nothing of lost time and opportunities, copayments, and damage to your professional reputation.  You can always look more carefully at what you have included and excluded in your contract, to see if you can tighten up the scope a bit or do more of it hourly so as to demonstrate to them the trust cost (such as the additional site visits), but I don't know that I would personally back down on a reuse fee overall.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

>>> Mark Pemberton <markpemberton(--nospam--at)> 07/30/04 03:51PM >>>
I had brought up this topic a couple of months ago and after consideration of the responses I received I decided to include a 10% re-use fee for the project in question.  With up to 200 identical structures within this subdivision, I felt this was a fair amount to cover liability and the extra calls I'll probably get with that many units.  The contract was signed by the architect, however the architect is now saying the word "re-use" only applies to additional units beyond the subdivision site.  They also claim that it is typical for architects and engineers to just be paid for each different structure and that insurance should cover the additional liability involved.  We are now in the process of possibly re-negotiating the contact.  I can't believe there are engineers (or even architects) who would set a fee for a structure regardless of how many times it's built.  I'm staying way away from sub-divisions if that's the case.  Any thoughts?
Mark Pemberton, S.E.
Pemberton Engineering
Davis, CA

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