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RE: Moment Frames with Slip Critical Shear Connection

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>I don't think this way of dismissing the
>questions and the questioner helps the
>cause of the steel industry, and would
>urge you (Charlie) to try to achieve a
>clearer understanding and resolution
>off-line, and to advise this List of
>the outcome.

I wasn't intending it as dismissive or even negative. Perhaps the
morphing context in this thread is partly to blame here. And email is a
terrible forum for conveying true intentions to begin with. My comment
about semantics was intended to highlight that we're not getting
anywhere with sharp-shooting opinions back and forth.

My original response follows and illustrates that I have my own opinion
and recognize one exists that was subsequently expressed by Bill
Sherman. In the exchange that followed, I've asked for evidence that the
longstanding practices in question should be changed, so that a change
can be made if appropriate. My experience is that something tangible
will be needed to make such a change.


My original response in this thread:

"When bolts and welds share load on the same faying surface, the AISC
Spec has a requirement that the bolts be slip critical. In this case,
the bolts and welds do not share the same load, so that requirement does
not apply.

I have seen these connections specified both ways and ultimately it is a
decision to be made by the engineer of record. I personally do not think
a slip of any magnitude is likely in the shear connection, since that
tends to be brought into bearing by member self weight during erection.
As a result, I would be comfortable using bearing bolts instead of
slip-critical bolts."

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