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RE: "American Institute of Engineers"

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Had I graduated one semester later, my MS would have also been in Structural Engineering. The curriculum was approved two semesters before I finished, but somebody in Admin sat on the paperwork for a year before he/she made it official.

(Cal Poly Pomona, FWIW)

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My diploma (M.S.) has Structural Engineering on it.


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Has anyone heard more news on the "American Institute of Engineers" announcement that the title "structural engineer" should be deleted from the American lexicon regarding professional titles?  This is from a briefing of theirs dated March 19th, 2002 ... the reason given is that one cannot receive a degree in structural engineering.  This claim, however, is ABSOLUTELY FALSE:  My degree from the University of California, San Diego is specifically titled "structural engineering" and happens to be one of the BEST programs nationwide.


Curious to see if there are any legs on this idea and what your thoughts are.



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