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Re: "American Institute of Engineers"

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The claim that " cannot received a degree in structural
engineering." likely refers to the fact that there is no such thing as an
ABET accreditted undergraduate degree in structural engineering.  All ABET
accreditted undergrad degrees will either be in civil engineering
(sometimes also referred to as civil and environmental engineering
depending on the school) or architectural engineering.  One can
SPECIALIZE in structural engineering within a either a civil or
architectural engineering program.  It is 100% true, however, that ABET
does NOT has any accreditted structural engineering degrees, which is what
virtually all (if not all) state licensing boards use as their base
requirements for licensure (i.e. the ABET part).

This is not to say that somewhere on a degree it may or may not mention
structural engineering, especially if it is a graduate degree (as there is
not equivalent to ABET for grad degrees to my knowledge).

So, the point is that you will have received a "generic" civil or
architectural degree for an undergrad degree in the US (as all or
virutally all engineering degrees are ABET accreditted).  You may (or may
not) have spent a significant of your time taking structural engineering
classes (more so in architectural engingeering programs than civil
engineering programs from my understanding), but you still had to take
some minimum number of classes outside of structrual areas that were aimed
at meeting the ABET requirements for the program.

I will stay away from the "one of the BEST programs" debate as that
usually turns into a fruitless arguement of personal opinions (as most
will tend to think that their school is the best or one of the
best...myself being no exception <grin>).


Adrian, MI

On Mon, 2 Aug 2004, Dave Adams wrote:

> Colleagues:
> Has anyone heard more news on the "American Institute of Engineers"
> announcement that the title "structural engineer" should be deleted from
> the American lexicon regarding professional titles?  This is from a
> briefing of theirs dated March 19th, 2002 ... the reason given is that
> one cannot receive a degree in structural engineering.  This claim,
> however, is ABSOLUTELY FALSE:  My degree from the University of
> California, San Diego is specifically titled "structural engineering"
> and happens to be one of the BEST programs nationwide.
> Curious to see if there are any legs on this idea and what your thoughts
> are.
> Thanks,
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