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RE: gym floor slabs

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I would check with the manufacturer of the floor system that will be specified.  The manufacturer’s that we normally use have very specific requirements about the vapor barrier that must be used with their flooring system. If you don’t meet their minimum requirements they certainly won’t warranty the floor and probably won’t even install it.


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We do schools with gyms all the time, and we don't really do anything different with them then any other slab. Of course, we are in FL with decent soil bearing capacity and very (all) sandy soil, so SOG is nothing special. Just a standard vapor retarder and WWF. We thicken the slab typically because the walls are tilt.


BUT, make sure you coordinate the TOS and the recess for the gym floor, that really should be on your plans for the concrete guys. I would not rely on the architect alone, that just isn't an RFI you want.


Andrew Kester, PE

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