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RE: "American Institute of Engineers" (Scott)

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> Has anyone heard more news on the "American Institute of Engineers" 
> announcement that the title "structural engineer" should be deleted 
> from the American lexicon regarding professional titles?  This is from

I'm going to risk treading on some toes. If memory serves the American 
Institute of Engineers originated as a protest organization against 
foreign born engineers, back in the 80's. There weren't any technical 
reasons for membership, but if you were aggrieved about immigrants taking 
your job, you could join up with like-minded people. I took a look at 
their web site <> and that's still 
the case--no technical content, one statement about improving 'the 
stature and image of engineers, scientists and mathematicians' and lots 
of discount deals for car rental and financial services--with no 
accomplishments noted either and virtually no content. In short it looks 
like a way to produce cash flow, not professional advancement.

My guts tell me that someone got gigged for practicing structural 
engineering with a CE license in a state where a structural engineering 
license is required. The press release sounds like an expression of 
personal outrage, not a serious proposal.

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