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RE: "American Institute of Engineers"

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Dave Adams wrote ...


Has anyone heard more news on the "American Institute of Engineers"
announcement that the title "structural engineer" should be deleted from
the American lexicon regarding professional titles?  This is from a
briefing of theirs dated March 19th, 2002 ... the reason given is
that one cannot receive a degree in structural engineering.


A better question might have been:  "Has anyone ever heard of the
"American Institute of Engineers".  I, for one, had never heard of AIE
before this morning.  Thanks to Google, I found their website at:  After reviewing the information presented
at that location, it is now pretty obvious why I hadn't heard of them.
I doubt that the apparent retirees running AIE have any understanding
whatsoever of any field of engineering beyond electronics.  Rather than
a harsh rant, I would simply suggest that you visit the website and form
your own opinion.  After doing so, I think that you will quickly agree
that structural engineers should not be concerned with any AIE press
releases or announcements.

Best regards,

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas  

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