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Mass concrete

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Yi Yang wrote:

I have a concrete pad, approximate 3' to 3'-6" thick, 26' wide, 100'
long.  Is this considered a "mass concrete"?  ACI 207 talked about the
cooling of mass concrete etc.  Most of the ACI mass concrete reports are
related to dam construction.  Is this pad "massive" enough to cause any
serious heat problem? =20 Thanks for any input. =20
Y i   Y a n g,   P. E.  

I wouldn't consider that Mass Concrete by anybody's definition.  Aside
from the length, those dimensions are pretty typical of river bridge
footings, thousands of which have been built with no consideration given
to cooling or heat buildup.

Randall Collier wrote:

"Mass concrete" can be defined as that which has a volume-to-exposed =
surface ratio (Vol./S.A.) exceeding one, which (I think) is spelled out
in ACI Report 207 - Cracking of Massive Concrete.=20
Randall Collier, P.E.

I couldn't find this definition in 207.  Would the units be feet?  I
don't think the definition goes far enough, as a large 2 foot thick slab
on ground would have a ratio approaching 2.  Just curious.

Mike Hemstad, P.E.
St. Paul, Minnesota

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