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Re: Mass concrete

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It doesn't matter whether it is called mass concrete or not. The question is, "Is there sufficient heat differential between the interior and exterior concrete temperatures to cause cracking?" If the mix involved has a high cement content, or has a high enough initial temperature, the answer is probably "Yes". When in doubt, treat it as mass concrete. You can either keep the internal concrete temperature as low as possible or insulate the whole deal to slow down heat loss.

We were involved in a project with 6 foot diameter columns cast with 5000 psi concrete. The concrete was cast in winter in Chicago. When the contractor stripped the forms 2 days later, the concrete rapidly formed alligator cracks all over.

If it looks like mass concrete and quacks like mass concrete, treat it like mass concrete.

Jay Shilstone

At 05:15 PM 8/3/2004, you wrote:
I have a concrete pad, approximate 3' to 3'-6" thick, 26' wide, 100' long. Is this considered a "mass concrete"? ACI 207 talked about the cooling of mass concrete etc. Most of the ACI mass concrete reports are related to dam construction. Is this pad "massive" enough to cause any serious heat problem?

Thanks for any input.

Y i   Y a n g,   P. E.
Santa Rosa, California

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