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Re: FW: CMU Site Wall using 2001CBC

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Except that at certain height and thickness, the wall may become formally "flexible", and then it will need to be designed per Section 1630 (ref. 1634.5).  Then, the forces may become actually higher.  However, if it is a free-standing (partly grouted) wall, wind may indeed govern.
Steve Gordin, SE   
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Subject: Re: FW: CMU Site Wall using 2001CBC

If your wall is not attached to the main structure but is a self supporting wall, then it is not an element or component of the structure. If so, there is no amplification in response due to the dynamic properties of the main structure. Use the non-building section 1634 ; you might get lesser force.


Suresh Acharya, S.E.


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> I am designing a free-standing site wall using the (UBC/CBC) Fp equation
> of section 1632.2. I know the value of ap=1.0 and Cp=3.0 per Table
> 16-O, but what value of hx should be used? The code states that hx is
> the element of component attachment elevation with respect to grade, so
> to me, that means that hx should be 0, and as a result the Fp,min
> equation will govern. I've read the blue book, plus looked at many
> books, but this situation never sees to be addressed for free-standing
> (non-building walls). Is using hx=0 appropriate? I had a plan checker
> tell me that it isn't and should be using hx = hr. Just curious what
> others are doing.
> Molly Skinner, P.E.
> Irvine, CA
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