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RE: CMU Site Wall using 2001CBC

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Thank you all for all your input.  It was nice to get such good response
in my first question to the list.  

The wind does not govern in my case - it is a school building (I=1.15)
with a near source factor of Ca=0.572 which results in a Fp force of
28psf (allowable - using the Fpmin equation).  Several people have
suggested using the non-building structures equations instead (Section
1634), but my question is why are masonry fences listed in Table 16-0 if
you're not supposed to be using the equation of 1632?  In this case, the
plan checker didn't tell me what equation to use, just that what I did
was incorrect.  It's not a big deal for my design at this point, but I
want to feel comfortable with a solution for future designs.

Molly Skinner
Irvine, CA 

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I am designing a free-standing site wall using the (UBC/CBC) Fp equation
of section 1632.2.  I know the value of ap=1.0 and Cp=3.0 per Table
16-O, but what value of hx should be used?  The code states that hx is
the element of component attachment elevation with respect to grade, so
to me, that means that hx should be 0, and as a result the Fp,min
equation will govern.  I've read the blue book, plus looked at many
books, but this situation never sees to be addressed for free-standing
(non-building walls).  Is using hx=0 appropriate?  I had a plan checker
tell me that it isn't and should be using hx = hr.  Just curious what
others are doing.

Molly Skinner, P.E.
Irvine, CA  

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