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RE: CMU Site Wall using 2001CBC

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You can decide on which section of code to use if you do a little research. For example,  if you have a copy of IBC, review the corresponding sections concerning components / elements and self-supporting non-building structures.


Unlike UBC, IBC is explicit about which section of code to use for components/elements and self-supporting non-building structures. If you are in the component section, IBC tells you to go to the non-building section if it is supported at grade. If you are in the non-building section, it refers back to the component section if it is supported by another building structure.


Suresh Acharya, S.E.


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> Thank you all for all your input. It was nice to get such good response
> in my first question to the list.
> The wind does not govern in my case - it is a school building (I=1.15)
> with a near source factor of Ca=0.572 which results in a Fp force of
> 28psf (allowable - using the Fpmin equation). Several people have
> suggested using the non-building structures equations instead (Section
> 1634), but my question is why are masonry fences listed in Table 16-0 if
> you're not supposed to be using the equation of 1632? In this case, the
> plan checker didn't tell me what equation to use, just that what I did
> was incorrect. It's not a big deal for my design at this point, but I
> want to feel comfortable with a solution for future designs.
> Molly Skinner
> Irvine, CA
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> From: Molly Skinner
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> Subject: FW: CMU Site Wall using 2001CBC
> I am designing a free-standing site wall using the (UBC/CBC) Fp equation
> of section 1632.2. I know the value of ap=1.0 and Cp=3.0 per Table
> 16-O, but what value of hx should be used? The code states that hx is
> the element of component attachment elevation with respect to grade, so
> to me, that means that hx should be 0, and as a result the Fp,min
> equation will govern. I've read the blue book, plus looked at many
> books, but this situation never sees to be addressed for free-standing
> (non-building walls). Is using hx=0 appropriate? I had a plan checker
> tell me that it isn't and should be using hx = hr. Just curious what
> others are doing.
> Molly Skinner, P.E.
> Irvine, CA
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