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Re: Hobe Sound building collapse

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Having looked at the photographs at the website, the most likely cause is inadequate shoring at the lower levels. It's unlikely the loads were greater than anticipated and there appears to be sufficient rebar (although it's impossible to judge the cover, exact quantity, spacing or compliance with design).
Other possibilities could be ground movement, foundation failure, accidental impact of a support, poor concrete (lower levels, of course) and insufficient bracing.
Perhaps someone else would like to venture another possibility?
James Cohen, PE
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Subject: Hobe Sound building collapse

Any armchair forensic engineers care to speculate as to why this accident occured? Two workers were killed while pouring a third floor concrete deck. There were workers comp violations and a 13 year old boy was working on the project with his father. There is a 30 frame picture gallery at this link. Perhaps some of you with experience in this kind of construction can offer your assessment.
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