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RE: Detail Review

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How much actual rotation will you really get when a joist is sized per deflection criteria that the manufacturers suggest?  And with that little rotation how much crushing will there really be and would it be acceptable?  Looks like a good detail to me.  Could it also be used in a shear wall application (plywood instead of gyp.) to reduce the work required to install blocking between the joists?


Joe Grill


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I think when the ends of the TJI’s rotate, they will crush the gyp. board.


A carpenter contractor tried something similar to this on a project of ours…


We showed a LVL ledger, which he didn’t like and unilaterally changed…



It didn’t work.





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Subject: Detail Review


Dear Colleagues;


My client has asked me to review a proposed detail. I have my opinions, but, being one with an open mind, I would like to get opinions from others.


The detail is here:


Your comments would be appreciated.


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