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RE: Detail Review

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a lot of people have mentioned rotation of the floor joist being a problem.
Aren't the floor joists designed as simply supported at the ends, meaning that rotation is actually a good thing. If you restrain rotation at the ends don't you run the risk in inducing compression in the bottom flange, which aside from the ceiling gyprock is laterally unsupported and thus susceptible to buckling?
just a thought.
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The drywall people will have to be there before the floor framing can be installed and the gyp board is likely to be crushed if there is any rotation of the floor joists.  The performance of this connection under design loads is questionable IMO.
Ray Shreenan SE
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Dear Colleagues;


My client has asked me to review a proposed detail. I have my opinions, but, being one with an open mind, I would like to get opinions from others.


The detail is here:


Your comments would be appreciated.


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