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RE: Books (obsolete) wanted (PCA Notes on ACI 318-99 & PCA Notes on ACI 318-99)

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You can almost always find whatever edition/printing of the AISC Manual on eBay. Sometimes, if what you want isn;t there when you look first, it shows up within a short while. The bidding gets rough sometimes, but a newer edition is often only about $10 or $20. Visit and search "AISC Manual". 


From: Khashayar, Casey Hemmatyar [mailto:k_hemmatyar(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Fri 8/6/2004 2:37 PM
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Books (obsolete) wanted (PCA Notes on ACI 318-99 & PCA Notes on ACI 318-99)

Dear Colleagues:

I'm looking for the following 2 (obsolete) books.
- PCA Notes on ACI 318-99
- LRFD 2nd Edition (2 volumes)

I believe these 2 books are no longer recognized by IBC 2003.
I do own the latest versions of these books however I'd like to have these
old versions also.
If you do have and would like to sell, please send me a private email @

I had luck for my previous post for ACI-318-99. One of the list members in
Seattle sent it to me.

Casey (Khashayar) Hemmatyar, P.E.

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