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RC column Axial Load Equation - ACI

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The ACI 2002 Section 14.5 includes an equation for axially loaded walls that takes inot account k, l, and h for the wall section, I wonder if a similar equation could be proposed for axially loaded RC columns with minimum eccentricity that will fall outside the range of short columns say those in the intermediate range.

I am sure that there should be enough test data that could be used to correlate a comprehensive equation that can be used for columns in the intermediate range and with minimum eccentricity to determine a Design Axial Load Strenght for a RC column of given cross section dimensions and unsupported length. This with the purpose of having a Design Axial Load Strength that can be incorporated into a Generalized Interaction Equation of Failure Surface for Axial load and Combined Biaxial moments. Does anyone in the Column Committes has comments to this proposal ?, AISC already has equaitons for axially loaded steel columns based on slendersess ratios, and it would be interesting to see how those eqautions for RC columns come out to be. Any  Comments and Suggestions from the ACI Column Committe Members, Researchers, Academic Investigators ?


Pedro R. Muñoz, Ph.D., P.E.

PRM Engineering, LLC

Haverhill, MA